Client Case Study: Juan Medical

Juan Medical Case Study

Juan Medical is a progressive healthcare provider that offers services such as online consultations, house-calls, and corporate vaccinations. As the demand for their offerings surged, they realized the need to expand their team, particularly in regions like Cebu and NCR.  

“Before using your service, attracting enough doctor applicants was a challenge. However, your platform’s implementation was straightforward and easy to use, demanding minimal effort from us. We’re satisfied with the support and service your team provided, and based on our positive experience, we’d highly recommend your solution to others.” — Tanya Marie Cabais-Liscano M.D., Medical Director in Juan Medical

Challenge: Struggling to Attract Doctor Applicants

Juan Medical faced a significant challenge in recruiting medical professionals, especially doctors for their various roles. Their existing recruitment processes were not yielding the desired results, and they were struggling to attract a sufficient number of applicants.

Solution: Free Job Posting and Bespoke Marketing Campaign

Recognizing Juan Medical’s unique hiring needs, we launched a robust marketing campaign to optimize their hiring process. We provided free job posting on our platform and maximized exposure through channels like the Docquity app, which reaches over 73,000 HCPs in the Philippines. Our team streamlined recruitment by pre-qualifying candidates for roles such as On-Call Specialists, On-call Doctors in Cebu, On-Call Nurses, and MedTechs in NCR. With a personal touch, we engaged qualified leads, successfully converting over 50% of them. Our comprehensive approach ensured Juan Medical efficiently secured top healthcare professionals for their unique needs.

Result: 23 Doctors Successfully Onboarded in 21 Weeks

Initiated on May 10, 2023, the project saw an impressive response. Our platform’s ability to enhance and streamline the process was evident in our collaboration with Juan Medical. The success of this project reiterates our commitment to providing effective solutions to our partners, ensuring they can efficiently meet their recruitment goals. Here’s how the optimized marketing funnel looked:


Juan Medical




Bespoke Marketing Campaign

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dr. Patrick Indradjaja

Medical Doctor, Master of Research in stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine
Manager of Growth Docquity Indonesia