Client Case Study: Headhunting Service for Speedoc

“Docquity Jobs has demonstrated proficiency and professionalism in candidate management. Their established candidate management process has provided us with candidates that have added tremendous value to our business. We know we can count on Docquity Jobs as one of our preferred partners for our recruitment needs.”

— Kenneth Toh, Director of People & Culture

Founded in 2017, Speedoc is a virtual clinic and healthcare solutions platform that allows users to seek medical care and services from home. Their services include house call doctors, nurses, and medication delivery; and are complemented by telemedicine, remote diagnostics and health monitoring. In this case study, we are helping Speedoc to acquire 5 Doctors in just 2 month through our headhunting solution. Here’s how the healthcare headhunting expert in Doctor Jobs Today do it.

Challenge: The scarcity of healthcare talents who would meet Speedoc’s expectations and budget

Speedoc has a unique business model which challenges its flexibility to accommodate employment benefits similar to what other companies offer. The challenge lay in communicating the unique benefits beyond the remuneration package. In turn, Speedoc faced difficulties attracting great healthcare professionals who fit their needs.

Solution: A headhunting service specializing in the healthcare industry

Doctor Jobs Today offered Speedoc a tailored solution for their recruitment needs by proposing a premier plan. This plan included specialized healthcare headhunting services and comprehensive management of the entire recruitment process with a dedicated account manager. With seven years of in-depth expertise in the healthcare industry and access to the largest database of doctors in Southeast Asia, Doctor Jobs Today’s platform and team took on reducing costs and streamlining the traditional recruitment process for Speedoc.

Result: Successfully acquired 5 doctors within two months

In just two months, Doctor Jobs Today reached the following results:






Headhunting Service

About Doctor Jobs Today

Doctor Jobs Today is the first job-seeking platform in Southeast Asia dedicated to serving the job-searching needs of healthcare professionals. We have created a space to connect employers and medical job seekers seamlessly. As part of the healthcare community, we understand that traditional job portals are not catered toward the medical profession. So we decided to create a portal advertising only the most relevant jobs from the top employers within the industry because we are just as picky as you are!

About Docquity

Docquity is an AI-based state-of-the-art private & secure continual learning network of verified doctors, bringing you real-time knowledge from thousands of doctors worldwide. Today, Docquity has over 300,000 doctors spread across six countries in Asia. Meet experts and trusted peers across Asia where you can safely discuss clinical cases, get up-to-date insights from webinars and research journals, and earn CME/CPD credits through certified courses. All with the ease of a mobile app available on Android & iOS platforms!


dr. Patrick Indradjaja

Medical Doctor, Master of Research in stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine
Manager of Growth Docquity Indonesia